The Basics of Lighting in Video Production

Lighting Thumbnails

Lighting is the bedrock of video production. Yes, I said that. Without good lighting, you might as well switch off your camera and find something else to do. Here’s the thing, lighting makes or breaks your video. To a large extent, the lighting part in videography is an art as much as it is a … Read more

Top 5 Best On Camera Led Light

LED lights are great lighting solutions for any video shoot. On camera LED lights are better. You can carry them along with you anywhere.  How do you choose the best-LED lights? Are there lights specific to photography in the market? Definitely yes. So, here are the top 5 best on-camera LED lights : Genaray LED-7100T … Read more

Green Screen Vs Blue Screen: Which One To Choose?

While recently doing a video shoot, I was drawn into an argument on which screen, between the blue-screen and the green screen, works best. Is there any difference between the blue backgrounds, and the green ones? Does the choice of screen color affect the chroma keys? Here’s the definitive answer to all those questions. Green … Read more

How To Get Good Lighting For Your Videos?

  Many YouTubers struggle with lighting options. In fact, that is being economical with the truth. Most YouTubers find lighting to be the biggest impediment to shooting quality videos. For the production of any video, taking care of light is getting almost half the job done. How do you get good lighting for a video? For … Read more

How To Reduce Echoes In A Room ? (A quick guide)

Have you ever spoken in a room, and your voice speaks right back at you? Here’s the deal. It’s aggravating. It distorts conversations, and any recording you are doing. Echoes are also the main reason why some audio records sound hollowed, and distasteful. Most home studio owners have a problem with the echo in their … Read more