Best Recording Software For YouTube Videos (Premium & $Free)

How do you record for your YouTube videos?  Is it all about the hardware side? Cameras, lighting and action? No, it probably isn’t. Video recording has come a long way. Today, it is a crucial, if not the primary part of recording videos in some niches. For instance, a YouTube gamer, or a content creator who reacts to music videos has to think about screen video recording software. There is a good number of such software available.  This means that that the choice can get confusing. However, this article will take you through the good, the best, and the most awesome of recording software for video recording. It’s all about revealing the nooks and tricks of getting good audio quality for your youtube videos.

What is the best recording software for YouTube videos?  In retrospect, there’s a treasure trove of both free and premium software. While free screen recording software options often come with limited usage, the premium ones offer a wide range of creative choices. When out shopping for the best recording software for youtube videos, the following ten will dominate the list.

  1. Adobe Captivate
  2. SnagIt
  3. Flashback Express
  4. OBS Studio
  5. GoPlay
  6. Camtasia Studio 8
  7. ScreenFlow
  8. ShareX
  9. Cloud App
  10.  Wondershare Filmora Screen

While all the listed recording software would certainly be of no help if you want to create a blockbuster, they are great for a start-up YouTuber who intends to share what they are doing on their PCs with the rest of the world. I would probably recommend software with higher compatibility, and high screengrab ration. However, each of them has its own pros and cons. We won’t spill all that detail here. After all, this article is specially curated not to sell itself short. That means that you are in a for a detailed read on recording software.

The Best Recording Software For YouTube Videos Revealed

A detailed dissection of software is needed for virtually everything today. However, we’ll cut you the fluff. This is about bringing the details onto the table as they are.

All that said, let’s go into the real details on the top recording software lest we forget what we came here for.

Adobe Captivate

The name Adobe is synonymous with the hallowed grounds of video production software. We are all fans of Adobe Products. If not, we don’t really have an option other than using something from Adobe. In video production, most of us identify with Adobe when it comes to video editing and rendering; which implies using Adobe Premier Pro. It would seem that the other side of the spectrum does not have Adobe as its ruling piece. Well, too bad, or too good. It depends on who you are. This side too comes with a good piece of software designed by the same geniuses that gave us seamless video rendering using PCs. It’s called Adobe Captivate, and it’s simply captivating as its name states.

Primarily, Adobe Captivate is a premium product. You need to have a little short of $34 per month to access it. However, this recording software does come with a trial version for a short period. Mark you, it does not have a free version.

Great software for how-to youtube videos

For most content creators, Adobe captivate is more suited to videos that are about learning something. The video capture on this software is serene and quick. This is why, according to guys in e-learning, 93% of their users prefer using this recording software over the rest. Moreover, a good number of Fortune 500 companies also use the software for their recording needs.

Software Recording For Businesses

According to Capterra. this software means business. While this often is used to imply that its a premium product that lacks the fun, edgy side of amateur video production, it’s far from the truth.

Yes, the Captivate brand plan is created for companies and e-learning gizmos. However, this also means that its great software if you intend to post tutorials on Youtube. Besides, the fact that it comes with an automatic import feature to help you import slides from Microsoft office is great.

On the technical side, you would be pleased with the user interface on this software. True to the Adobe design essence, it is easy, clean, and edgy in one package.


Arguably, SnagIt is one of the simplest recorders available today. This is the main reason why it remains among the most common screen-recording software in use.

While it is a must-have for those who engage in huge recording jobs, it works equally well when it comes to the occasional screen-grab. However, the fact that it costs a little more than its competition might dissuade thin pockets from joining the SnagIt fray.

One great thing about this recording software is its versatility. While we are primarily here to talk about recording software for YouTube videos, it would be awesome to find software that does videos and MPEG images in the same way.

Unlike others, SnagIt allows you to customize a few things. First, you can customize how you use it. This means that you can create your own shortcuts. Often, most people think that recording your PC or Mac screen is a techy task. Well, if you can change the settings on the SnagIt user interface, you can also make the process of snagging and snipping images and videos quite easy.

Live editing while recording

Does recording software give you some editing power?

Well, most of them don’t. If they do, they only allow you to do so once you’re done with recording. Moreover, most of them have nothing more than simple snipping and fading in their editing portfolios.

While I certainly wouldn’t advise anyone to use recording software as their go-to editors, it would be good enough to get some creative leverage while recording your youtube videos. this is what SnagIt allows you to do.

For post-recording editing, you can take your pick from our specially curated  Top ten free video editing software for YouTube videos.

In case you have tried using other recording software, you should be aware of two major issues with most of them; you simply can’t edit the images or images using the recording interface. Besides that, most recording software can’t capture slide features that quickly disappear. Should that be the case with you, you’d be happy to hear that you can do that with SnagIt.

Batch processing for recorded footage

Moreover, unlike the other software choices you’ll come across, SnagIt comes with a batch process files feature. I know that sounds like a bad case of casually throwing words. In simplified terms, this feature allows us to do changes in groups of photos or videoes. After all, you and I both know that editing images on at a time is like watching paint dry; it’s boring.

Flashback Express

Here’s a somewhat wild thought. We should curate a list of the best free recording software. That would be great information for the animated fans of open-source recording software. That said, among the possible list of top ten free software recorders, Flashback Express easily takes the crown for the most effective free software recorder.

No kind words for free software, but here’s some

To be honest, I rarely have affable words for free software. Most of them are haranguing. They hardly do anything that is they are supposed to. Whenever they work as they are supposed to, they come with limited power. If anything is free, it better be open-source. After all, that’s the only place where someone can easily good and free software. Come to think of it, the words goods and free shouldn’t be in the same sentence. But let’s digress from the unending rant on what weakness free software comes with. Here comes something to smile.

Sharing on video-sharing platforms

Flashback Express comes with the right name. It allows you to literally ‘flash-back’ through footage from your PC. Moreover, it also gives you the power to share the same footage using Youtube and other video sharing platforms.

In the past( which is as recently as 2019), this software required you to have a purchase key in order to use it. However, this is not the case anymore. As per the recent flashback express releases from Blueberry, you only need to download the software and voila!

For most new users, the FlashBack express user interface is a learning curve for them. This is not anything new. After all, Blueberry makes software for fellow software gizmos. While this is the case, you will quickly learn how to use the Software is you looked through a few YouTube tutorials.


That aside, this software is also highly flexible. Apart from recording video footage from your PC, it also records the audio on the PC. Besides, it can also be tuned to recording dedicated gaming settings.

For most free video recorders, you have to live with ghastly watermarks on your footage. This is not the case with BlueBerry’s Flashback Express. While it doesn’t come with the power you will get while using the Pro version of the same software, the fact that you can do as well as any other premium software makes this software quite a catch for any video recorder.

In case you are starting out in vlogging or YouTubing, you can use this software to kickstart your career. This will cut your start-up costs by a chunk. Besides, it will also allow you to offer great tutorials and unwatermarked recordings.

OBS Studio

OBS studio is a great screen-recording software available as an open-source software. Since its only open source, it’s all for free. However, according to previous users, its not something you would want to jump into if you know nothing about coding. Simply put, it’s not meant for a novice.

Open-source software is the nemesis of premium ones. While I wouldn’t say that they compete on the same pane, they provide good power, great usability and come with a wide range of features to help you navigate the murky world of software recording.

For OBS studio, the first thing you would be apt to notice is the user interface. To put it bluntly, it’s not great on the eyes.   To think of it, the Start Recording and Stop Recording functions are not too far off. However, the recording part tells less than half the story here. Besides recording, you will need to learn where the streaming options are, and how to synchronize your screen recording to the stream. However, it’s quite easy for those who understand the art of software configuration to customize it to their specific recording needs.

Made for professional streaming

The ability to personally configure software is why a good number of professional game streamers swear by OBS as their favorite screen recorder. Nevertheless, this recording software does not have anything more than amazing streaming to offer. You can’t edit the footage, or focus on any moment on your stream. Besides streaming, however, it OBS studio will also serve you well if you intend to create a step by step playthrough for your youTUBE videos if you are doing a gaming tutorial for instance.


Gamers will always need something powerful, fun, and chic at the same time. That’s why they love NVIDIA cards and powerful gaming laptops which look like they were made aboard StarTrek. Well, this is the only reason why GoPlay is on this list. It’s fun to use, chic, powerful, super-fast, efficient, and all other complementary objectives that you would probably use on powerful software.

More often, you will get people confusing GoPlay for a video editing software. Well, it’s not. While its editing side is pretty good(that’s why it’s more famous for video editing than for recording), it was made for recording.

GoPlay is made only for the Windows platforms. This means that any Windows user can enjoy the versatility of software recording coupled with some level of in-depth editing using the same software. When you first open the GoPlay interface, you will be introduced to a choice of either recording or video editing. Given that most people have almost always taken the video editing choice, I think it’s time we took GoPlay for its software recording capabilities with the seriousness it deserves( hint, it doesn’t deserve much seriousness.)

Capture a specific area of your screen

After using GoPlay for a while during testing, I did notice that the software captures your whole screen area by default. As if to add insult to injury, it also doesn’t come with any cropping ability, even during post-editing.To solve the issue, it has an “area” choice which allows you to select a specific zone on your screen for recording.

Besides simply recording your screen, GoPlay also comes with an option for camera connection. Do not mistake this for a wholesome camera control feature. Instead, the software lets you connect your webcam to the video being recorded. This shortens the amount of work you have to in case you are creating a vlog your YouTube channel.

GoPlay is relatively easy to use. It comes with great keyboard shortcuts and easy to use icons. Moreover, it also encapsulates a linear video creation system that allows you to see the video in the same arrangement as your intended audience.

Camtasia Studio 8(Camtasia 2019)

In the current world( especially when you reflect on the effect of the COVID-19) pandemic, e-learning has become the go-to learning method for all kinds of sectors. In fact, most schools have taken their studies online. This is what Camtasia is made for- online lessons and video tutorials in the most robust of ways.

Is this premium video recording and editing software worth the price?

I’ve worked with a few programmers, who coincidentally also did work on this video editing and software recording tool. Make no mistake; this doesn’t mean that I will shed weight to flatter their work. Instead, I might just be as unflattering as they come, if that is called for. While they are a bunch of amazing fellas, I have to say that the $249 price tag, puts the Camtasia 2019 software among the premium of the premium recording software for YouTube. Whether this price is deserved or not, is highly debatable.

While the price is high, the free-trial version for the software is a good point to test out whether or not Camtasia is worth your time and money. One thing you will notice right off the bat is the impressive control on video creation the software gives you. Moreover, it also comes with dedicated 4k video features, which allows you to manipulate 4K videos in the most stimulating of ways.

Price issues aside, Camtasia 2019 is a cross-platform software. It works equally well with Windows as it does with Macs.  Besides the PC and Mac functions, Techsmith has also recently launched a great App companion for the software. Moreover, it comes with something of a niche cut out for easy operability. This means that even the greenest of greenhorns in video creation can find their way around it without resorting to further tutorials. Besides this, it also comes with excellent support from Techsmith if you can’t find your way around.


When it comes to video editing, Mac users sometimes have a slight edge over PC users. This is because Macs often come with custom made software, tailored only for the specific platform. This is why we created this great article on the difference between Macs and PCs for video editing.

Screenflow is made for the highly niched Mac market by Telestream Incorporated. It is edgy in just as much as it is easy to use. Compared to other Mac-based screen recorders like Camtasia, this software is really easy to use. It is so user friendly that anyone, even you who is starting out need not learn anything more than to press record, and to start recording.

Apart from being beginner-friendly, Screenflow also comes with great audio and video recording features. More often, it is hard to get software with a quality combination of both features.  Moreover, the fact that ScreenFlow comes with dedicated audio-editing features makes it worth the buy. This feature lets you edit out unwanted facets of the audio recording like background noise with amazing ease.

While it doesn’t come for next anything like other recording software, it is more affordable than Camtasia. This makes it a worthy replacement for Camtasia. To be specific, Screenflow costs half what Camtasia would cost you. In retrospect, this is quite a bargain. Although Camtasia is slightly better than Screenflow in some aspects, it helps to know that Screenflow also has easier sharing options.


All recording and no sharing abilities makes for a very drab recording software.

Since sharing often involves a variety of exercises and platforms, it’s only fair to have a single method of sharing everything to your favorite platform, right? That’s exactly what ShareX is partly about. We’ll break it down in a few though.

According to most reviewers, ShareX is a potent beast when it comes to screen-grabs and screenshots. Moreover, it might be the only software recorder with the ability to create great GIFs using photos. But that hardly does this software recorder any justice.

While snipping when using a PC is as simple as pressing CTRL+ PRINT SCREEN, there comes a time when you need to do more than simply snipping and cutting. This is where ShareX comes it.

Since it’s essentially a snipping tool, it will help you to cut out sections of your screen into images that can be edited on site, and shared instantly with all social media platforms.  However, that’s only  just the basic. ShareX is excellent because it comes with more than just snipping.

For a snipping tool, you will realize quickly that this open-source, free to use and windows-only software is also a great companion when it comes to recording videos. Besides the recording aspect alone, it also has capable video editing features. For instance, it comes with fading, cutting, and a heavy image editor to allow you take more grabs from the videos.


While a good number of Youtubers take the art seriously, some of us don’t really want to engage in the rigorous production process. After all, we’re not all after creating blockbuster movies.Moreover, pockets are tight. This means that more often than not, people will rather create short,quick videos to keep their audiences maintained until they can come up with something heavy.

Cloud might just be the TikTok of creating short videos meant for sharing on YouTube.  I don’t mean this in any other sense apart from the simple fact that just like TikTok, CloudApp is also all about recording short videos fairly quickly.This is why it is considered an almost revolutionary software recorder. But not so much.

Although it’s a premium software( Subscription starts at $90) per month, CloudApp sheds off a lot of the stress involved with video recording and sharing. First, the app is relatively easy to use. Everything is arranged in a linear format. This means that everything you do comes one after the other in a line. Second, instead of sharing the video as is, CloudApp shares a link attachment. Though your video will be on YouTube, it will be hosted on the app itself.

One thing you will notice about this recording software is its versatility. To be honest, CloudApp is not really meant for the lackadaisical YouTuber who is more interested in getting a following than sending a message. Instead, it works best if you are one of those highly focused people who treat everything as a project to be properly managed. Just to let you in on a glimpse, CloudApp is great if you are creating Video tutorials with a lot of text. It allows you to arrange the text in the proper format in order to make for easy reading.

Wondershare Filmora Screen

Reviewing the lesser known, but highly respected Filmora Screen is the perfect way to end this article.

First off, Filmora screen is free. However, the free version comes with everything that you would hate to have in a free screen recorder. This includes watermarks on your content, limited sharing options, and highly truncated specs. However, you can solve all this by spending a paltry $29.

There are two great things about every Wondershare product I have come across. First, they are powerful when they get involved. Filmora Screen for instance, comes with a whole shelf of amazing content creating aids. Secondly, they are also really easy to use.

Although Filmora Screen has only a few editing options, it replaces for this with a great feature list and a beginner friendly plan on the UI. The whole content creation and sharing process on this software is so easy. You only need to move from the recording section, which starts you off, to the editing one as the penultimate step before sharing your video.

In my opinion, which is not at all humble, this software is a decent piece for beginners. It will give you tonnes of experience in content creation, while also letting you exercise your creative mind with great features.

Wrap Up

There’s a handful of other good or great software recorders for YouTube videos that I would have loved to throw into this article at some point. However, there’s time for that on another day.

As a parting shot, you have to consider everything about any software you download today. Besides the power, price and potential, it is crucial to look at free software recorders more keenly. Downloading the highly reviewed ones will not only allow you to get software choices that have been trusted, they will also let you work on at no cost!

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