DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras: Which One Should You Buy?

For the last decade, the debate between DSLR connoisseurs and the newfound fans of mirrorless cameras has been raging. It’s been all about power, speed, specs, and clarity.  What’s the truth? Which type of camera triumphs over the other? Here’s a definitive answer to this debate. DSLR v Mirrorless Cameras: Which One Should You Buy?  … Read more

How To Build a Home Video Studio On a Budget?

YouTube is one of the internets most popular platforms and many people aspire to make their own videos. However, if you’re on a budget, it can sometimes be difficult to create a space to film good quality content. That’s why I created this guide, to help you to find out how to build a home … Read more

20 Tips To Make Your Video Look Professional

Professional Video Making

Ever wondered how pro YouTubers and filmmakers manage to make those super high-quality videos? Well, you can do the same by following these 20 tips to make your video your video look professional. So how do you make professional videos? It comes down to three things: the equipment you use, the way you film your … Read more

Green Screen Vs Blue Screen: Which One To Choose?

While recently doing a video shoot, I was drawn into an argument on which screen, between the blue-screen and the green screen, works best. Is there any difference between the blue backgrounds, and the green ones? Does the choice of screen color affect the chroma keys? Here’s the definitive answer to all those questions. Green … Read more

How To Get Good Lighting For Your Videos?

  Many YouTubers struggle with lighting options. In fact, that is being economical with the truth. Most YouTubers find lighting to be the biggest impediment to shooting quality videos. For the production of any video, taking care of light is getting almost half the job done. How do you get good lighting for a video? For … Read more