FlexClip: The Top to Bottom Review

Sometimes, you really need to get some clips going, but you’re in a hurry. Your schedule might also be watertight. Alternatively, creating videos from scratch might not really be your thing. These  are the situations when you need light, web-based video editing tools like FlexClip

What’s FlexClip? FlexClip is one of the best web-based video editors available today. Most video editors have no love for web-based editing tools. According to them, such tools are flimsy, light, and cumbersome. Fortunately,  that’s not the case with FlexClip. I tried both the free and premium versions of the tool for weeks before writing.  It’s solid, easy to use, and also comes at a reasonable price.

Did I fall in love with FlexClip? Definitely yes.

Would I recommend it to anyone?  A yes to this too. Although I wouldn’t recommend it to heavy- editors, it works great for simple video editing.

A Detailed Review of FlexClip

In this review, we will look at whether or not FlexClip satisfies the following

  • User Friendliness
  • Pricing
  • Pros vs Cons

Let’s get down into the details, shall we?

Is FlexClip User-Friendly?

It is. That answer should probably stop right there. However, the details are crying out.

Signing up

Signing up to use FlexClip is the easiest of the process. You need to visit the FlexClip website to start. Once there, the sign-up button is on the top-right corner of the homepage. Talking of homepages, this website is almost eye-candy to a tye-in-the-dye website builder like me. It’s clean, easy on the eye, and has simple color-tones.

Once in, you have a few options to go about it. You can use either your email or your Facebook account.



This is the crux of the whole issue, right?

Well. We’ll keep it short.

Once you go past the sign-up process, you’ll walk in( not literally) into the editor’s homepage. However, you’ll get straight into the homepage.


For a moment, I think I probably got dazzled away by all the choices on the board. However, since I was all in for the testing, I decided to try out how the website works by making a short marketing video for my website. This was quite easy.

  1.  Step one- Choosing a template or creating a custom video
Template page

First, you can go with either the available templates or make your own stock video. This choice is available on the left-hand side of the website. You will see a prompt to either “start from scratch” or “create from templates.” While I would prefer a better, louder set-up for this choice, I also don’t mind the fact that the choice is nearby.

I went with the “create from template option” on the home screen, you will find a catalog of video templates ready for you. These catalogs will help you narrow down your choice into exactly what you need.

While the videos available on the templates are stock, they are also great on their own.  For quick, quality videos, they will definitely be of help. You can choose a template based on what kind of video you want to work on. The following were my favorite templates

  • The coronavirus update- Quite a catch for the times
  • A catchy happy-birthday template
  • A handful of marketing video templates- Come to think of it, some of them come off really chic for simple freelance videos
  •  Tech products Review templates- While this probably won’t be the apt site to work on your YouTube review video, it provides a quicker way to get into the intros and outros.

Lest I forgot, FlexClip comes with an amazing range of templates just for your intros and outros. Often, the intro is the most complicated part of a video. The content might be fine, but knowing how to start portends problems for a lot of people. If not for the substantive video editing, you should sign up on FlexClip just for the intros and outros.


What if you have your own custom clip

In case you’re into doing things from scratch, you can also upload your video to the FlexClip portal with ease. There’s an upload button right at the top of the site. Rather aptly, it’s labeled as “Start from Scratch.”

Fortunate for you, this online video editor supports a range of video formats.  Moreover, the site also has great speeds when it comes to either uploading or downloading a clip from the site.



Step 2: Customizing

This is where the roads meet the rubber or vice versa.

Customizing a video needs a handful of things, the most important of them all is speed, bandwidth, and space.

FlexiClip has space for short clips. Don’t think about uploading your 1-Hour 4K video just yet. On the other hand, it has space for 100 such clips. While this( the video capacity) might be a trade-off for most people, the fact that you can save your projects automatically on the site is a plus.

If you choose to use a template video( I did that because I’m lazy like that), all you have to do to customize the video is crop, cut, and add text. That’s as easy as it gets.

On the other hand, customizing a custom video involves everything that video editing entails. That said, FlexClip allows you to undertake the general editing motions with ease.

Step three- Exporting


Once you’re done with customizing, the next obvious step is to share your video.


First off, you have to choose the exporting resolution that you need for the video


Once you choose the resolution, the site automatically goes on encoding and processing the storyboards for your video. Typically, this takes a few minutes. It took me four minutes, with crappy internet as the sole reason for the extra minutes

On FlexClip, there are two exportation paths, if we should call them paths.

  • Downloading the video to your device or Drop-Box– You can use this if you need alternative storage on a physical hard drive.
  • Sharing the video straight to youtube–  FlexClip can share your video without the need for downloading. Intuitively, the “export” button is at the further end of the screen, where your eyes might gravitate to once you’re done with editing


FlexClip Pricing

Come to think of it, there are tons of expensive video editing tools that don’t meet the cut when it comes to quality video editing.

However, this just ain’t one of them.

FlexClip offers three packages

  • Free Package with limited functions

This package is for the absolute novice. The video resolution on the free package is restricted to 480P. Moreover, you have space to undertake up to 12 projects.

  • Basic Package

After some time, you might want to upgrade from the introductory freebie.

For a meager $4.99 per month, you can zoom straight from 480P SD downloads to 720P HD resolution and cloud space for 50 videos online. Moreover, using the basic package also allows you to introduce a custom watermark on all your videos.

  • Plus package

This is the most popular package. It will set you back $7.99 a month, which is billed yearly.

For the amount, you will get full HD video resolution, cloud space for 200 videos, and increased video length per clip( up to 20 minutes


  • Business package

This is the limitless package. Needless to say, it also is the most expensive one.

While $19.99 per month seems like quite an amount, it becomes paltry when you consider the perks involved.

In hindsight, I can’t think of any other web-based video editor which gives you full HD downloads, access to unlimited and free stock footage, space to save 1000 videos, and a custom watermark among others,

For the novice starter, using the free trial version provided at the beginning should start you off. However, you will quickly notice the need for more features. These ones are provided on the premium version of the editing tool.

Value for money or not?

This is a no-brainer.

There’s enough value for money on FlexClip. If anything, the packages provided are also reasonable for the price. In addition, the fact that each yearly billing attracts a large discount( you should check that out) means that you might pay far much less than what we listed here.

FlexClip Pros and Cons

In general, FlexClip has the following advantages over other web-based video editors

  • It’s relatively cheaper than the rest
  • It comes with more than it’s fair share of video templates if you to do some quick work
  • It has a range of packages for everyone. Each package caters to a specific group. This means that everyone can fit in.
  • It’s quite easy to use. In fact, I have to say that it’s one of the easiest editing tools available.
  • Direct exportation to a range of platforms
  • The site has a lot of cloud-space for saving your videos.


What are the drawbacks?

  • The free trial version is thin on functionalities. In addition, editing using the free version means you have to live with the tool’s watermark on your videos
  • There are time-restrictions on the clips-
  • No 4K capability on any of the packages.


Final Verdict

If I were to rank video editing tools out of 10, FlexClip would probably get a healthy 8.

Although I’m no big fan of web-based video editing, I enjoyed the experience. In addition, FlexClip also gave me valuable lessons on doing marketing videos. Some of the templates are ultimate classes on their own.

Here’s the bottom line. If you want to create videos quickly and efficiently, consider using FlexClip. It will save you time(because you can use the available templates) and money.


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