How Long Does a Camera Battery Last?

When I first held a camera, I wondered if it will be able to sustain its battery if I take pictures for maximum hours. There were many people who could use it for longer while some of them could only take pictures for a few hours. The varying answers and responses befuddled me therefore, I decided to discover it on my own doing some research work.

So, for how long does a camera battery last? The answer varies depending on the settings of the camera, camera type, battery, and temperature. Out of the several batteries, Canon’s replacement battery holds a good reputation taking 850 shots. Another brand, Sterlingtek’s replacement battery takes around 680 shots in average while Promaster’s replacement battery average shots are about 680.

While that was just a quick overview about different brands’ battery life, there are several brands with more battery life. There is a lot behind the long battery life of the cameras you own including their longevity parameters, how the factors affect the most, and ways to protract the life of the batteries. Let’s discover more about the lasting of a camera battery in detail.

Factors Affecting the Lasting of the Camera’s Battery

After taking hundreds of shots, your camera’s battery life may drain. Do you know you can take more pictures if you take care of a few factors that affect the life of your battery? Before that, you need to discover those factors to enjoy taking pictures for longer.

Activation of Unnecessary Features

A camera comes with several features that at least an amateur photographer may not know about. Also, there are multiple features which we never use. While you may not know much as a novice photographer, these features may be activated in your camera draining your battery life. For instance, adding graphical or caption overlays on your photos can just waste time. Also, another features like sound effects and beeps are also battery drainers.

It’s worth playing with your digital camera, but just stay focused on taking focused snaps rather than being distracted by features. Make sure that the unimportant features are not activated so that you enjoy clicking snaps for longer.

Longer Review Time

Do you know even reviewing or deleting your captured snaps take the battery power? Yes, it does. Basically, the longer the image is displayed on the LCD screen, i.e. reviewed by you on the screen; it takes power from your battery. To save your battery time, you can minimize the review timings by going to the settings in your camera.
Professional photographers usually set it to 2 seconds, which is the least unless the feature has been completely turned off. In addition to cutting down the review time, you can only view the shots when necessary. Try to use an optical viewfinder (if you camera has it), which is basically a small window at the back of the camera. Using this, you can turn off the LCD screen and only use the view finder as the screen itself consumes a lot of power demands.

Cold Weather

In addition to activation of unwanted features and longer review time, weather is also one of the main factors affecting the battery life of your camera. According to experts, cold weather weakens your battery more quickly.

For this reason, if you are out shooting in a chilled weather, make sure that you keep spare charged batteries in an interior and warn pocket until you require using them. However, it is vice versa in the warm weather.

Types of Shots

Types of shots that you take matter a lot too. Of course, the shutter speed varies i.e. longer or rapid, requiring and draining battery life. For instance, if you take a long shutter speed shot, it will significantly require more battery life than a rapid snap.

These quick snaps require 1/2000th of a second, they hardly take much time.
On the other hand, if you are shooting light painting or star trails or any other type of shooting which require more time such as 20 to 30 seconds for the shutter, you will be able to take fewer shots than the rapid snap.

Screen Brightness

Brightness is also one of the main causes of weak battery. Always ensure to turn down your LCD’s brightness level (if your camera permits). There are chances that a bright LCD screen wears down battery faster and much more than you expect.
A dimmer LCD can extend your battery life, though it may be difficult for you to see it in the daylight, but you can always go in the shades.

Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Camera’s Battery

If your digital camera’s battery life isn’t lasting for longer, then you should now start thinking about the aforementioned factors that may be affecting the battery. Rechargeable batteries which are put in the cameras usually lose their ability to hold a 100% charge as they get older and are re-used.

Imagine, you have prepared to take that once-in-a-lifetime photo, and that “battery down” signal flashes in red, how frustrating would it be for you? Pretty much, no? But you need not worry about that when I am about to unveil the professional tricks and tips to help you gain better digital camera battery life. The below tactics will help you prolong the life of your camera’s battery.

Activation of the Power-Saving Features

Using your camera’s power-saving features can be a smart move to save your battery. Some believe that this feature is annoying as the camera often goes to the sleep mode, even when they haven’t used it. But, that does save your battery power, helping you take snaps for longer. What’s better that? In order to make the most of your battery power savings, set it to the “sleep” mode to click maximum snaps. Depending on the camera, this feature can be of little time period as of 15 to 30 seconds of inactivity.

Restricting the Use of the Playback Mode

As mentioned above, when you review your photos, the battery wears down. So, you must ensure not to spend a lot of time in reviewing your photos on the LCD screen. The battery of the camera tends to drain more quickly when the LCD screen is on when you are not really shooting the photos.
Try not to spend a lot of time reviewing the photos when you are clicking them, take maximum snaps for a better one. You can spend time in reviewing photos later when you return home and have a new fresh battery.

Restrict Using the Flash Light

Research predicts that flash drains the most of the digital camera’s battery. Needless to say, there are several situations where you cannot take a snap without a flash. Try to do so on in the necessary and exceptional cases. There are many who do not avoid using flash even when there’s no need. Make sure that you avoid using it that much and save your battery life for good.

Do Not Turn the Camera On & Off Repeatedly

You may have noticed that the introductory screen appears in front every time you restart your camera. Though, this does not seem like much time, but it does drain your battery. Now suppose, if you turn on and off your camera for at least 10 times, you are losing at least a minute of the battery power in which you could have taken a breath-taking photo. Make sure that you use the “sleep” mode if you pursue to turn the camera on and off repeatedly.

Replace the Old Batteries

Since all the rechargeable batteries have a less power as they get older, you should consider buying a second battery and get it charged. Make sure that you do not even rely on multiple old batteries thinking that you can charge one when other is in use. Always ensure to replace the old batteries so that you can click multiple photos for longer.
Now that you know how long your camera battery lasts, factors that affect it, and ways that prolong the life of the camera, I hope you would be able to enjoy a long-lasting clicking experience.

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