How To Get Good Lighting For Your Videos?


Many YouTubers struggle with lighting options. In fact, that is being economical with the truth. Most YouTubers find lighting to be the biggest impediment to shooting quality videos. For the production of any video, taking care of light is getting almost half the job done.

How do you get good lighting for a video? For YouTube videos, maximizing the use of natural light is the easiest, and most perfect solution to lighting. Finding a place in your house, or outdoors where the light is optimum for shooting videos is very important. In case you are using a room in the house, make sure that the room has wide windows to let in enough light. Besides using natural light, you can also get a lighting kit to increase the sources of light in the room. If you use artificial lighting sources, taking care of the light balance is important during shooting.

How do you get the best lighting for your videos?

Using natural light

Natural light is absolutely free! You just have to manipulate it to your advantage. For most YouTubers, lighting is not much of an issue because they use natural light all the time.

Using natural light requires that you scout around for a place where the light is optimum. Besides, it also needs you to find a room with wide windows and very few shadows.

However, the undoing of natural light is that you cannot always depend on natural light to go your way. It might be dark and foggy on some days, especially during the winter. On other days, the sun might be too bright This will cause a lot of glare and washouts on your video. On other days, the sun might be a little too dark for your videos.

You do not really control natural light. Sometimes, you need the light to strike the object you are shooting a certain way, from a specific direction. Unless you wait the whole day until the perfect light comes around, you will not get that video.

Though it is the cheapest option, and the easiest way to find the best lighting for your videos, it is not so dependable.

Using artificial lighting solutions

Artificial methods copy the natural optimum conditions for shooting a good video. They also provide the environment consistently.

The easiest way to set up artificial lighting is by using a bulb, a high stand, and a simple light modifier. Even the most complicated lighting systems work around this concept.

While using these lights, always seek to find the most ambient light for your shooting. For example, shooting under a bulb is not good for your video. It produces a shadow that resembles a raccoon’s eyes

A naked bulb without a modifier will make horrible in your video. It comes with too much glare. Trying such stunts out is a no for videography. You need a modifier to make the light look natural to the eye. You also need to reduce the glare that comes with overly bright lighting.

What bulbs should you use in shooting videos?

Different kinds of videos require different bulbs. While all bulbs do the same job; that of providing artificial light for your shoot, the amount of light that a bulb produces, the intensity of the light and the way the light strikes your subject are important issues to consider when choosing a light source.

Larger bulbs have softer lights. Smaller ones are great when you need special lighting contrasts to be seen. When choosing the light source, you need to understand the color temperature that you intend to achieve in your video. That sounds a little complicated, but it’s nothing more than choosing the brightness or dimness of the lighting.

You can use any of these light sources depending on your light requirements.

Ring light.

If your video requires an emphasis on the face, the ring light is the best bulb to use. YouTubers who do makeup shoots love the ring light. It provides a uniform amount of light on the face and casts no shadows when shooting.

However, you should be wary of using the ring lights, if you wear glasses. They are not too good on eyes.

LED On-Camera Lights

Led On- Camera lights are mounted on top of the shooting camera. They come in different shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are the rectangular lights or the square ones.

These lights are the cheapest in the range. However, they are deemed to be a little too bright for the normal shooting environment. Most of them are not dimmable. You will find yourself stuck to a large amount of light on the subject’s face. It might hurt them, mark you.

What should you use as modifiers for your video shoots?


There are two types of umbrellas in videography. Bounce umbrellas are black and silver while shoot-through umbrellas are white and translucent.  Umbrellas force the light to spread evenly around the inner surface. This balances the light around the object and gives you videos that are crystal clear.

The main advantage of using umbrellas is in the fact that you can carry them around. This means you can achieve the lighting you want on your shoot, in any place as long as you set them up.

Unlike other modifiers, umbrellas are easy to set up. They are more of a plug and play solution. You just have to set them up at the right points in the scenes.


Softboxes work on the same principle as umbrellas. They bounce the light around until it becomes uniform. Unlike umbrellas, softboxes come in a variety of shapes. The most common one is rectangular. Besides the range in shapes, most softboxes are translucent on the inside, and black on the outside.

With both softboxes and umbrellas, you set up the bulb or any source of light that you have inside the modifier. You then place the subject before the white part of the modifier. The white part should face the subject of your shoot.

Why is lighting important for videos?

Though the camera lenses work on the same principle with the human eye, they do not have the capability, or the resolution to ‘see well’ in the dark. Even the power of human eyes can’t go past darkness.

Cameras have different levels of adaptations to lighting. This sensibility is ranked on an ISO scale. The higher the ISO, the lower the quality of images or videos you will shoot.  When the camera receives just a little light or shoots in the dark, it increases its sensibility to any available light. This means that the videos shot under such lighting conditions will be horrible. The focus of lighting is to bring the ISO as low as possible. At lower levels, the quality of videos that your camera can shoot will surprise you.

Providing adequate lighting sources lets your camera “think” about the actual shooting, and not the amount of lighting, or the adjustments that need to be made to the aperture. Videos shot in good lighting have higher clarity and a better aesthetic feel. They perform better because everyone loves watching them.

Where can I get a good lighting kit?

Most camera dealers stock lighting kits for those, like you, who feel that they cannot get the best out of natural light. However, most of the kits are a little pricy. You need to dig a little deep into your pockets to purchase the whole set of kits.

Online shops also stock up good lighting kits. They are actually cheaper when purchased online. However, you don’t need the whole set of equipment to shoot great videos, you can always do with what you have. If you are hands-on, you can rig up the lighting in your house to fit your lighting needs any time.

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