Top 9 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android

Smartphones are the closest, and almost always present video editors. They have made shooting and editing videos on the go a thing. This means that you shouldn’t worry about snapping videos on your phone camera. In this article, we have compiled a great list of the top ten free video editing apps you can use on your Android phone to sharpen the rough edges around any of the videoes you shoot.

What are the top ten best free Video Editing apps on Android? For Android users, these ten free apps should help you horne your video-editing skills.

  1. FilmoraGo
  2. Adobe Premiere Rush
  3. VivaVideo
  4. GoPro app
  5. Quik
  6. Power Director
  7. VideoShow
  8. WeVideo
  9. Vimeo Cameo

Though there are hundreds of newly developed video editing apps on Playstore at any one time, you need to be extremely careful when downloading them. Some of the free apps can are built for phishing, rather than video editing. Some, on the other hand, may just be malicious gateways for hackers to spread malware into your phone or tablet.

To be  on the safe side, ensure you check out the following before downloading a new video editing app to your phone

  • The number of users- An app with a large number of users definitely has some reputation. This means that more people trust it.
  • Reviews-  Sometimes, reading app reviews is important. High reviews? Take it! On the other hand, an app with a low number of reviews, or a large number of negative reviews won’t perform any different on your Android  phone or tablet

Here’s a tip. If you want to find out how to shoot better videos using your smartphone, how about reading these Top 15 Tips to record professional videos using your smartphone?

The Top Ten Free Video Editing Apps For Android Explained

Despite the obvious notion that pay-for video editing apps work better than the free ones, there are some great free video editing apps on the android platform. While a few of them may have payable options, most of the video editing apps on this carefully selected app come free.  All you need to do is simply click on the hyperlink and download them to your phone.


For a free app, FilmoraGo offers way more than some pay-for apps. It provides seamless on-phone video editing at its best.

Initially, Filmora started as a desktop video editing software. At some point, the Android bug bit its developers, which forced them to create a completely different platform for the app. However, the app maintains the same look as its desktop counterpart and the same functionality.

Since the app is made for both professionals and amateurs, the developers at Wondershare tried as much as they could to create an interface that is as much intuitive, as it is easy to use. You won’t see a lot of clutter on the home screen when you open the app. Neither will you have a lot of trouble using the app. Everything is arranged around an easy to use model, which is extremely user-friendly for beginners and fun videographers.

The first thing you might notice about this app is the variety of settings to help you through. You can switch between themes, music, filters, overlays, transitions and a variety of editing by simply swiping the screen. Besides that, you can also choose to share the edited video straight from the app to any of your social media accounts.

As a bonus, Filmora has included a  music library. Though the

music portfolio on the app is rather thin, it still pays off by giving you an option to include music from your internal storage.

This is the best free video editing app in my opinion. It doesn’t sell itself short on any front. Moreover, the design is just as good as its functionality.

 Adobe Premiere Rush

When talking about video editing, the name Adobe comes at the top of any list. After all, almost every video producer worth their salt knows about Adobe Premiere or Photoshop. For more on Adobe Premier’s desktop version, you should read this article here.

The Premier rush software is all-in-one. It works on PCs, Macs, and smartphones just as well. On Adobe’s free phone app, you will find the best motion options and a raft of editing tools to help you sharpen that video.

The Premier rush android app comes with several advantages. Here are a few just in case

  • You can sync your app with your PC software.  In case you choose to sync the two, all changes you make on the video while on the app, will reflect on the video on PC. This means that you can continue editing on the app, or vice versa with the PC when you want.
  • Unlike Premiere Pro and Final Cut, this app is as much for the novice video producer as it is for the professionals. The user interface is ridiculously easy to use. Exporting options are also at the touch of a finger. Moreover, you can share the video with any social media platform straight from the app. Talk of serving while still hot!

The reason why I ranked this free Android app on the second spot based on the fact that it has a flawless design. I also couldn’t shrug off the feeling that Adobe’s reputation played quite a role there. Besides that, the syncing option works quite well for me.


“Made with VivaVideo” might not be new to your eyes. After all, the watermark is present on more than 10 million Instagram videos. In case you are hunting for an app that has been tested by millions of users, this should be it for you.

First things first: the viva video app is not strictly a video editing app. It’s more of a camera app. Rather than specializing in editing post-shooting, it helps you edit while you shoot. This means that you can include all the useful filters you desire, plus music to your video while you actually shoot.

However, the app also performs quite well on post-editing. Given its great user-friendly interface, you will quickly learn how to create video collages, include effects and funny ones at that. It also comes with two editing options; there’s a pro mode for the heavy hauling, and a Quick mode when you need to retouch a few things before sharing your video.

 GoPro app

GoPro camera owners have had enough to enjoy this video editing app on their own for a while.

I own a GoPro 7 camera, just for my action and hell scenes. To say the least, my videos would be horrid if I didn’t have the option of passing them through the GoPro app filters, just to cut the chaff.

The GoPro is a one-stop editing app. You will get virtually everything you require to edit an action video on a single app. On the new version, you will notice that the developers have imported some of Quik’s in-depth editing features, which were absent on the preview GoPro models.

The App UI is mint clean. It feels like driving a new Merc. Even the auto-edit feature which has always been the bane of issues works well on the app’s new versions. Unlike other apps that give you the option of using one filter at a time, you can combine filters on the GoPro app. This means you can create awesome videos with half and half of the filters you want.


Quik and GoPro are siamese twins. The two are developed by the same unit. In the beginning, they were meant to complement each other, with Quik doing the heavy hauling when it comes to in-depth editing and the GoPro app taking the softer polishing duties. However, that’s not the case anymore. While GoPro has come of age to do some of Quik’s duties, Quik has remained as one of the best free editing apps available on Playstore today.

The auto-editing option on Quik is perhaps the best thing about this app. It does this by scanning your videos and presenting them to you in a highlight reel at the end of the week. This should remind you of what Google photo does. However, Quik does it better because it includes filters to make the video look better.

While Quik’s user interface might look cluttered at face value, it might be the result of including more editing tools than most other apps. On average, you get five more tools to use by downloading Quik than on any of the other free video editing apps.  This makes it a beast in the editing field.

Power Director

Just like VivaVideo, Power director is also a darling of the amateur, phone-based video producers.

Cyberlink’s newest editing app has a variety of goodies for you

  • It comes with surprisingly fast rendering and a raft great output options which should allow you to edit your video on short notice and on the go.
  • Unlike the previous app versions, you can work on work on the audio side of the video. This was a heavy issue on the first versions of PowerDirector. While the app was often great on the video side, it was horrid when editing audios. Seems that has been fixed. It’s not an issue anymore.
  • The 360-degree video option is the definitive, and differentiating feature of this app. This feature helps you see your video from a different perspective.
  • On the new app versions, you can actually use the app as a camera app, which implies that you can edit the camera options to mirror what you need to see on the final video.

Power-Director gives you the powers of a professional video director in your hands. For most of its users, the app helps them to achieve great, yet simple videos on the go. With its relatively easy to use interface, it should be a great option for someone who’s serious about creating short flicks for social media and Youtube. This is helped by the fact that you can share your video with the platforms straight from the app itself, rather than having to render the video through the phone’s internal storage.


Do you want to create your own amazing, small video show?

You should use VideoShow to achieve that!

Videoshow is ranked as the No- 1, most used video editing apps in more than 18 countries. It needs no saying that most of these countries are Asian because the app is developed in Taiwan. That aside, the fact that this app has been downloaded more than 200 million times should be reason enough for you to trust its abilities.

What does it come with?

  • Besides the obvious filter options, Videoshow provides HD option editing, which is not available on most other free apps. With HD editing, there’s always the chance of losing the video quality while rendering compressing. However, this shouldn’t be a cause for worry when using Videoshow.

In case you feel like learning more on how to render and compress without losing quality, Matt’s article here will help you a lot!

  • You can access hundreds of fully licensed music pieces to complement your videos
  • Unlike VivaVideo and a few other free apps, this one has no watermarking. Some of us don’t want everyone to know how we edit our videos.
  • A wide range of themes to choose from while editing your video.

For an easy, simple video, using Videoshow as your one-stop editor should be an absolute no-brainer. The reason why I said easy, is based on a few of the reviews, which put forward the app’s limitations when it comes to longer videos.


While most people do not consider WeVideo in the free apps category, this review is all about the free version of the app. There’s no need to fork out $4.99 per month when you can get a little less of the same for absolutely nothing, is there?  That’s a topic for further discussion.

WeVideo is an app created specifically for brand-building through videos. This is the main reason why it’s not that famous. As of January 2020, a little more than 30 million users employed WeVideo’s cloud platform to edit their videos. However, this doesn’t imply that you can’t use it for a little fun editing too. It works just as well.

Because WeVideo is made for business, the user interface looks all business. It’s extremely neat and professional looking. Everything is crisply packed and correctly packaged. The editing options are arranged close together to ease motion from one option to the other. This makes the app extremely easy to use.

WeVideo employs a liner-editing model, which means that the video goes through one editing stage after the other. The last stage, as you probably expect, is exportation, which allows you to share your video to your brand page without any fuss.

Vimeo Cameo

Cameo was developed as some form of social media platform where celebrities could give shoutouts to their fans. However, it quickly gained track, not as a celebrity shoutout platform, but a great platform to edit your videos to appear just the way you intend it to.

To start off, the app requires you to upload your video to its platform, rather than downloading it from the phone. Apart from that, everything works as you would expect it to on any other android-based video editing app. You can trim your video clips by playing it in a linear form, change the themes depending on how you feel, add some music in the background,  change the audio volume and speed, and finally, export the video to either the native platform or any other social media platform.

Winding Thoughts

Apart from the video editing apps listed in this article, you can also troll Playstore to find out which other apps are positively reviewed.  Quite often, I have chanced on absolute gems by simply checking out the ‘photography’ section on play store, and reading what others have to say about the specific apps. In case you find some great apps, we would really appreciate a comment to inform us. After all, we should never stop sharing all these amazing, and free video editing apps because they don’t cost us anything.

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