Webcam vs Camera: Which One Is The Best For Youtube?

The choice of camera when you are planning to create a YouTube video is crucial.  You might shoot the world’s best vlogs, but the camera you use to shoot your videos can let you down.

Webcam vs Camera: Which one is best for YouTube videos? Straight out, the camera is miles ahead of the webcams. A good YouTube video boils down to high video quality. Only cameras can produce high-quality videos needed. This is because cameras come with high-resolution lenses, wider apertures and can shoot in different lighting situations. Although webcams can also film YouTube videos, the videos you take from webcams will appear choppy, and a little fizzled.

Comparing the camera and the webcam boils down to a few things. It all depends on your budget, the type of YouTube videos you intend to film, and the circumstances within which you film.

Why should you avoid  Webcams for YouTube Videos?

Most YouTubers film videos using webcams when starting out. It is way cheaper than getting an actual camera. Though there are some high-quality webcams in the market, even the high-end ones only film videos that are of ‘acceptable quality’ which is not exactly what you need in a YouTube video.

The  rule with most YouTube  newbies is ‘to produce great content with poor quality videos.’ This often informs the notion that you can use a webcam as a stepping stone to higher quality videos. Besides being a good start, the widespread use of webcams also comes from the notion that webcams come inbuilt into most laptops and PCs. If not inbuilt in the laptop, they are cheap. In filming, cheap is actually expensive in the long run.

However, a high number of webcams are  VGA quality cameras. VGA is a sensor type that has image resolutions ranging around 640  × 480. This is the same resolution that a standard, grainy TV screen has. On YouTube, videos recorded on these webcams will look overly grainy, distorted and slow.

Webcams also shoot horribly in rooms with a low amount of light. Most YouTube videos are shot in rooms which have minimal artificial lighting. While companies selling webcams will state that the webcams can film well in low light areas, most YouTubers realize that such statements are nothing more than mere sales talk. Webcams, unlike cameras, are built to shoot only in optimum light conditions. If you shoot in low light, the video will appear dark, grainy and invisible. On the other hand, if you go into highly lit areas with the same webcam, the video quality moves from dark, to washed out. You will get a mass of white on the screen with snippets of the actual object you need to film here and there.

However, webcams are great for some kinds of YouTube videos. Gaming YouTubers seem to have an affinity with webcams because they can connect them to the physical computers easily.

Why should you get a camera for YouTube videos?

Professional vloggers actually consider shooting videos using webcams a ‘ sin’ of sorts. The reason why you should get a camera is that a camera is built for shooting high-quality videos. It’s as simple as that. Besides, cameras can also take videos of a group of people if you have a crew.

Cameras have the specs to shoot high-quality images and videos. They also adapt to different lighting, depending on the scene. Besides that, cameras come with different modes of shooting. You can use auto mode to shoot continuously, and let the camera automatically choose the shooting mode, portrait mode to place a focus on the faces in the video.

The fact that some cameras come with inbuilt Wi-Fi abilities is also a worthy mention. This means that you can connect the camera to the internet, and stream live if you want to. While webcams can also pull the live stream off, they will only produce low-quality videos, and your video might end up having a lot of lagging.

With cameras, the final video work does not require a lot of edits. Apart from cutting unwanted scenes, and adding the video effects that you require for the YouTube video, you are pretty much good to upload the video.

Besides the video quality, cameras are also compact, and portable. You cannot carry your laptop all over, just to shoot YouTube videos using the webcam, can you? Most cameras also come with large SSD cards, which can easily be ejected from the camera and plugged into a PC for the final work on the video.

What should you look for in a  camera?

For YouTube videos, you cannot just pick any camera in the pool. There are hundreds, if not thousands of cameras in the market. But there are only a handful of cameras are good for shooting high-quality YouTube videos.

When picking cameras, look at the following keenly.


Larger sensors can adapt to more light. The adaptability to different lighting is very important for YouTube videos. Camcorders have the smallest sensors in the market. This means that they are not particularly great for shooting in low light areas.

However, a camcorder is a good starting point, if you cannot afford the more pricy cameras. They are compact, easy to use, and only shoot videos.

Stabilization Capabilities.

Who wants to watch shaky videos? Absolutely no one. When picking a camera, check to confirm whether it has optical image stabilization features. If not, it might force you to buy a stabilizer, along with buying the camera. This is incurring costs that can you can easily avoid by a simple check or a question to the seller.

Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Can camera you have in mind connect to the internet via Wi-Fi? This is important for those moments when you need to do a live stream of your videos. Many YouTube vloggers do this once in a while to ramp up viewership and have a live connection with their viewers. If the camera you have in mind has no Wi-Fi capabilities, move to the next pick.

Microphone inputs

What is the point of shooting a great video, with poor quality audio? People might put up with the low-quality videos that webcams shoot, but they won’t tolerate low-quality sound.

Cameras, as on their own, do not have the audio quality you need for great YouTube videos. If you are intending to vlog, getting a camera that comes with an inbuilt port to connect a microphone is important.


How good are the camera lenses? How wide is the aperture? Camera lenses with wider apertures take in more light. This means that the video will appear more aesthetically pleasing.

SD Space

High-quality videos occupy a lot of space. On average, a twenty-minute video occupies on a DSLR camera occupies almost 300 megabytes of storage.

When choosing your camera, find a camera that can hold large SD cards. This means that you can have larger videos in the camera at a time. You can also shoot for longer periods without changing the card, or offloading the footage onto some other media.

Battery life

Some YouTube videos need to be shot in the outdoors. Besides that, you also need to shoot some videos continuously, without a stop. This applies, especially to videos that heavily rely on natural lighting.

Most cameras come with rechargeable batteries. Look for the time that a camera can stay on a single charge before buying the camera.

How much does a good camera cost?

A good camera should not necessarily be expensive. In fact, the statement that cameras are expensive is a lie on its own. High-end cameras are pricy, but you can always get a cheaper, used camera if you don’t have that cash.

DSLR cameras are the most expensive in the market. They cost anything between $200 to $2000. However, you don’t need these expensive cameras to succeed. You can always start small and grow.

Mirrorless cameras are a cheaper option to DSLR camera. They also shoot high-quality videos.

Besides, DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, you can also buy a camcorder for a start.

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