What Camera Does Bethany Mota Use?

A 24-year-old YouTube Vlogger, Bethany Mota is known for giving fashion and beauty tips to youngsters on the web. She has 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 26 million followers in total across all her platforms. She created her YouTube channel at the age of 13 and has partnered with Aeropostale on a line of clothing, accessories and fragrances and has also released a DIY line of school supplies at Target.

All those who follow her may be curious to know which top-notch DSLR camera she uses to shoot her videos and photos. So, what camera does Bethany Mota use? She uses Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera for awesome videos. She has been leaving her followers astounded with her DIY videos.

All those fashionistas who admire Bethany Mota can explore more about the camera, lens and its features in this piece. Keep reading to know it all.

High-End Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and Lens Used by Bethany Mota

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

Coming up with numerous improvements in performance, versatility and quality of images, this 5D Mark IV DSLR sets this piece apart from all other models out there. Being the soul of Canon brand with an excellent imaging commitment, this is an excellent choice for all Vloggers out there. Just like Bethany Mota, YouTubers, Vloggers, portrait and wedding photographers, videographers, and landscape shooters are amazed by the features of this DSLR. 

Delivering superb quality, Canon’s all new highly-detailed 4K Video and full frame sensor of 30.4 megapixel is captured seamlessly. In addition to this, Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS and 61-point AF system has also been modified which has improved the autofocus accuracy for the live view shoots and videos.  

When it comes to faster operations, the enhanced DIGIC 6+ Image processor makes it possible providing shoot up to 7.0fps consistently. The integral GPS system, easy-to-navigate touch panel LCD and Wi-Fi system permit this model to deliver results that inspire. 

Here’s a summary of Bethany camera’s features:

  • 30.4 Megapixels: Delivering exceptional image quality
  • Dual Pixel RAW: Permits innovative post-production 
  • 7 FPS: Never lets any moment missed
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF: Allows beautiful and on-point ability to focus
  • 150,000: Outstanding performance in dim-light
  • GPS: Contains the track and log location details
  • 4k EOS Movies: It captures 8MP stills easily
  • DIGIC 6+: Let’s the image processing done quickly
  • Wi-Fi NFC: Has an easy connection with any smart device

Along with this high-end professional grade camera, Bethany Mota uses EF 16-35mm lens with constant f/2.8 maximum opening having a wide angle zoom lens. It helps deliver exquisite beautiful and soft backgrounds for the shoots.

The Secret Behind Bethany Mota Camera and High-End Video Shoot

Bethany Mota has one of the best-rounded and complete DSLRs that does come at a price but outperforms. Being a complete package for Bethany, this 5D model is feature-rich camera letting her shoot the videos with ease. 

Check out the features of her camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in detail to understand further.  

Build Quality

The Mark IV has a magnesium alloy body in its construction in which the joints are sealed with rubber preventing dust and water splashes from ruining the equipment. With such a body, you can shoot without fear and keep the shoot hassle-free. As compared to the previous model, numerous tweaks and modifications have been done to the body. 

Providing users a satisfying hold when they pick up the camera, the makers have enlarged the handgrip for the beginners. Though, the GPS unit now slightly stands taller than the previous model. In spite of building in more tech to the body of the camera, the makers of Canon cut down the weight by 50g as compared to Mark III improving the extra grommets, weatherproofing and seals. It now weighs 800g.

Though, this weight minimization has not affected the look and feel of EOS 5D in general. However, it does make the user feel incredible at the time of use because it has body with a combining polycarbonate, magnesium alloy, and glass fiber prism cover. The overall handling is very polished and improved with a touch of extra functionality.


The 5D Mark IV performance is exceptional. It has 150,000 pixel RGB+IR metering sensor, 7fps burst shooting along with an intelligent technology for view-finding. This model has an active AF point doing a good job of assessing the complete scene delivering the well-balanced exposure, with only high-contrast scenarios. When it comes to this camera, it comes with several surprises in regards to the performance. The overall system performs really well. White priority auto setting, ambience and white balance system, it takes neutral images even under tungsten lighting. 

Having a 100% coverage, the camera features a huge and bright viewfinder. It gives the key shooting info at the bottom too and highlights the full specifications of the video. You can select what you want to display and what not when you are taking the shot. Such display settings include level of battery, drive mode, shooting mode, autofocus, image quality, metering, white balance, digital optimizer for lens, flicker detection and dual pixel RAW, Letting you to display the electronic level, you can select from the host of other key shooting information and the grid lines. 


The autofocus performance for 5D Mark IV amazes and performs really well capturing and tracking very fast-moving subjects. It has 61 AF points. The autofocus helps in tracking colored objects and also functions well for the face recognition. The camera locks and follows the subject amazingly. 

Regardless of the speed, erratic movement, and sensitivity, the camera delivers exceptional quality. The Dual Pixel AF is a great improvement when shots are taken in live view mode, making it a more valuable feature. Those who desire to work on immediate basis with autofocus, the feature of Movie Servo AF lets users deliver amazing transitions on refocusing during the recording.

Image Quality

The Canon EOS D5 Mark IV has a superior balance of sensor size and megapixel count. Many potential customers have turned into active consumers looking over the high pixel count attached to a small APS-C sensor. With 30.4 megapixel, you can enjoy top quality prints and excellent levels of detail. 

The level of detail from this megapixel is quite impressive. Users will enjoy the use of super-rich detailed prints at Super A3. Opting for A2 prints or more is not recommended for a better proposition. Delivering stunning photography and image quality, this camera has a full-frame sensor making proper use of 30.4 megapixels. 

Video Capability

The Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocus makes 5D Mark IV an incredibly powerful choice for the ambitious videographer like Bethany Mota. Vloggers like Bethany, like maintaining a subject with sharp focus and blurred background. Dual Pixel Autofocus permit exactly the same in both video capture mode and live view mode, which is a huge step up over all other Canon models including Canon Mark III. 

Also, this version of the camera is truly a full package for the videographers and Vloggers. The 4K video mode has a full-frame field of view which is equivalent to 87mm lens on a full-frame sensor. 

What is the Cost of Bethany Mota’s Camera?

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera does have a rich heritage. With the advanced Autofocus system and higher resolution, this piece comes at a high price of about $2,700. Being a clear successor, the camera has all the strengths plus a satisfying collection of all new and advanced features with necessary upgrades. 

All those who are looking for some incredibly awesome videography options and sensor, Mark IV is all you need to have. Bethany Mota’s videos’ secrets lie in this camera. If you also in search of a DSLR camera, review the features in detail and make an informed decision for this piece.

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