What Camera Does JackSepticEye Use?

Seán William McLoughlin AKA JackSepticEye is one of YouTube’s OG gamers, and he’s been making YouTube content since 2007.

With over 23 million subscribers he’s the king of Lets’ Play videos and as you would imagine, he’s got a pretty awesome set-up. JackSepticEye features in all of his videos and for that, he needs a great camera. In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about JackSepticEye’s Camera of choice.

What Camera Does JackSepticEye Use? JackSepticEye uses the Canon G7X  to record videos for his YouTube channel. It’s a great camera for vlogging and the Canon G7X range is extremely popular amongst YouTubers. As one of the first Canon cameras to feature a flip screen, the G7X is perfectly designed for YouTube creators looking to record high-quality videos independently. Although more cameras in the G7X range have now been released, Jack continues to use the original version of the camera and it has a lot of great features that could explain why. Let’s take a further look at what the Canon G7X has to offer.

Key Benefits of the Canon Powershot G7X

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera [G7 X Mark II] with Wi-Fi & NFC, LCD Screen, and 1-inch Sensor - Black

Canon is an extremely popular brand amongst YouTubers and it offers some great options for content creators. Arguably it’s most popular point and shoot cameras are the G7X and G7X Mark II. In a lot of ways, the G7X range is perfectly designed for amateur creators that want to make videos, but don’t know an awful lot about photography.

One of the best things about JackSepticEye’s camera is that it is remarkably easy to use and you can basically just take it out of the box and start recording. You don’t need to worry about buying additional lenses or learning all about the settings in order to capture high-quality footage.

Aside from how easy it is to use, the Canon G7X has a range of other great features, such as:

Small and Lightweight Design

One of the most attractive features of the Canon G7X is it’s compact and lightweight design. For a camera of this size, the G7X offers high recording quality and is much less hassle to use than a larger DSLR camera with a detachable lens.

For creators like JackSepticEye, this easy to use and compact design is much easier to fit into their setup.

Touch Screen Interface

Unlike many similar cameras, the Canon G7X has an easy to use touch screen interface. This interface allows creators to make quick adjustments to their recordings without having to use any buttons.

This feature is extremely useful when recording your own videos, especially when you couple it with a flip screen like the one on the Canon G7X.

Built-In Flip Screen

When the Canon G7X was first released flip screens on cameras weren’t really that common, but YouTube and home video creation were booming industries. People wanted to be able to see themselves and monitor their recordings whilst they were filming and the flip screen allowed them to do this.

The Canon G7X was one of the first cameras that offered really great recording quality and a flip screen.

For creators like JackSepticEye who films his videos independently, the flip screen was a must-have feature. Since then many companies have brought out flip screen cameras that are perfect for independent creators, but the G7X and its successor the G7X Mark II are still two of the best cameras with a flip screen available.

Good AutoFocus

One of the best features of the G7X is it’s autofocus capabilities.

If you’re looking to make YouTube videos where you move around a lot, this feature can ensure that you don’t end up with blurry out-of-focus footage. If you’re making gaming videos, for example, it will focus on you and allow you to move around and act naturally without having to manually adjust the focus.

Is Canon a Good Brand?

Canon is one of the most popular camera brands on the market right now. They have an extremely long history when it comes to camera making, and they are one of the most reputable brands to buy from.

Although their cameras cost a little more than non-branded models that you could find on Amazon, they are worth the extra money. Canon cameras have the superior build quality, and in most cases, they are long-lasting and durable.

Canon also offers fairly good customer care. So if you are in need of any repairs or extra support, you can get it easily by contacting their helplines or going on their website. Another great thing about Canon is that the company has store and repair warehouses all over the world, so if you are planning to take your camera on holiday, you will always be able to have it repaired at a certified Canon store.

Personally, I think Canon offers some of the best cameras on the market and in comparison to brands like Sony, it’s prices are quite reasonable. Which brings us onto our next point; How much did JackSepticEye pay for his Canon G7X.

How Much Does JackSepticEye’s Camera Cost?

JackSepticEye, like most YouTubers, really does have unlimited funds to spend on his recording set-up. With that in mind, you’d probably expect that his camera would be out of any normal person’s price range. However, the Canon G7X is actually quite affordable, given the quality of the camera.

As the G7X is now classed as an ‘older model’ because of the G7X Mark II and Mark II, you can actually get a really good deal on the original G7X. Right now online you can probably purchase a Canon G7X for around $400.

Now, you may be thinking that that is quite a lot to spend on a camera, and if you’re new to YouTube and video making, you might not have the budget for it. However, the Canon G7X is a really great camera, and $400 is actually a really good price given the camera’s quality and features.

Of course, not everyone will want to spend $400 on a camera, and some people might even want to spend more on a more professional option. Below, you can find a list of alternatives to JackSepticEye’s camera.

Alternatives to the Canon G7X Mark I

Although the Canon G7X is a really great option for many people, it may not be the right one for you. If you want a cheaper option or something with more features or higher recording capabilities then the options below are great alternatives to JackSepticEye’s camera.

Canon G7X Mark II

Want the newer version of the G7X? The Mark II edition is jam-packed full of extra features and comes equipped with Canon’s  DIGIC 7 image processor which makes it smoother and faster overall. It also comes with the G7X’s coveted flip screen, but the Mark II edition is able to move in more directions.

Although the camera is a little more expensive than JackSepticEye’s it’s by far the most popular camera amongst YouTubers and vloggers.

GoPro Hero 7

If you’re looking for a camera that’s slightly cheaper than the G7X the GoPro Hero 7 is a good alternative. It captures 4K video which is great for YouTube and it’s perfect for anyone looking to make action videos.

It has an almost impenetrable waterproof housing and can be used in all weathers. This camera is perfect for amateur video makers that want to take their camera on the go.

Razer Kiyo

If you want to make gaming videos like JackSepticEye then a webcam like the Razer Kiyo should do the trick.

Although the image quality on this camera isn’t as good as the G7X, you’ll still be able to record yourself gaming and its a much cheaper option. The Razer Kiyo even comes complete with a ring light that will illuminate your face and help to light your frame.

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