What camera does Jesse Wellens use?

Jesse Michael Wellens has a massive internet presence, particularly with a great fan following in the genre of ‘playing-pranks’.

Jesse’s videos are shot in various different locations and environments, but their quality is always superb and clear.

This led us to wonder what camera Jesse uses Wellens uses for his YouTube videos and vlogs. 

So, what camera does Jesse Wellens uses? Jesse has Sony a7S II Full HD Camera and the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV. He makes use of both of them for his videos and vlogs. Both are popular choices amongst vloggers and YouTubers and known for their best quality and amazing performance.  

Like many other vloggers, Jesse also prefers one of the most reputable camera brands, i.e. Sony.

Sony has made a name in the camera world by coming up with best-selling cameras from compact pocket-size cameras to professional-style DSLRs.

Their cameras are packed with incredible features that give outstanding results. 

Without much further ado, let’s explore the key features of Jesse Wellens’ cameras–Sony a7S II Full HD Camera and the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV

Key Features of Jesse Wellens’ Camera: Sony A7S II

Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B 12.2 MP E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor, Black

Sony A7S II is one of the most popular models of Sony amongst videophiles, mainly because of the results and performance it brings.

It takes the A7S experience to the next level.

It is a full-frame mirrorless camera with some impressive features, particularly related to video-making—a reason why Jesse Wellens might have chosen this camera.

Following are some of the features of Sony A7S II:

5-axis optical image stabilization 

For smooth footage and sharper stills, the Sony A7S II is provided with 5-axis optical image stabilization system. 

Extra-wide dynamic range

The A7S II is also known to provide a wide dynamic range that enhances the quality of stills and movies and delivers them with impressive details. 

2 times faster autofocus with enhanced accuracy

The number of autofocus points in Sony A7S II has been increased from 25 on the A7S to 169 in the upgraded model with low-light sensitivity to -4 EV. The autofocus response is also 2 times faster in video mode.

However, the autofocus relies on contrast detection and there is no phase detection element. 

Remarkable image sensor

The camera also sports a 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS image sensor with improved noise reduction algorithms to ensure that noise is controlled much better.

Accompanied by wide ISO and dynamic ranges, and BIONZ X image processing engine, the A7S II delivers stills and videos with fine details.

Supreme light sensitivity

With a 12.2 megapixel full-frame sensor and internal ISO range of 100-102,400, the A7S II is designed to offer excellent performance across a wide range of ISO speeds. 

The ISO range can be expanded up to around ISO 409,600, which means it is able to give great images in all kinds of situations including low-light conditions. 

High-quality 4K video recording 

Unlike its predecessor, the A7S II is capable of recording 4K videos internally to the memory card.

This simplifies the workflow of recording videos for professionals who have to make on-the-go shootings.

However, even though the focus in A7S II is on video capabilities, it does not support Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160) video resolution. 

The video recording in this camera delivers full pixel readout of the large full-frame sensor without pixel binning for lower moire, noise and jaggies. 

Full HD video capture

Apart from 4K video recording, the A7S II also has Full HD recording up to 60p at 50Mbps.

For improved slow-motion effects, it also has 1080/120p frame rate at both 60Mbps and 100Mbps.

For highly-detailed HD videos, it uses full-width of the full-frame image sensor without pixel binning. 

Improved Electronic Viewfinder

The electronic viewfinder (EVF) in Sony A7S II gets a refresh with 0.78x magnification, which is increased from 0.71x in the previous model.

The EVF has been revamped by introducing a four-lens construction that includes double-sided aspherical elements for ensuring crisp image resolution, and Ziess T coating for minimal surface reflection. 

Given all the above features, it can be seen that Jesse Wellens choice of camera, A7S II, is one of the best video shooting stills camera.

The video quality is close to that of professional level dedicated cameras, but it is much smaller and lighter and can record 4K videos internally.

Priced around $2,000, it is something worth investing in if you are looking for a camera that specializes in video making. 

Key Features of Jesse Wellens’ Camera: Sony CyberShot RX100 IV

Sony RX100 20.2 MP Premium Compact Digital Camera w/ 1-inch sensor, 28-100mm ZEISS zoom lens, 3" LCD

Like most of other vloggers and YouTubers, Jesse Wellens also does not roll with just one camera. In addition to the Sony A7S II camera, he also uses the infamous Sony CyberShot RX100 IV.

The RX100 IV is popular for all the amazing features it offers and that too in less than half of the price of AS7 II.

Its wonderful performance is visible in the image and video quality it delivers.

Some of its features that make it stand out from many other cameras are stated below:

Clear and vibrant image quality

Sony RX100 IV has a 20.1MP, 1-inch stacked CMOS Exmor RS sensor, which enables capturing images in remarkable detail. The Exmor sensor brings enhanced speed and efficiency with more than 5 times faster readout speed than its predecessor RX100 II. 

High-resolution Clip-4K video recording 

The compact-pocket sized RX100 IV is capable of recording short videos of up to 5 minutes 4K movie recording directly to SD card, which is what a lot of vloggers look for.

High quality Clip-4K recording is attained by the 1-inch Exmor sensor with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. 

Super slow-motion High Frame Rate (HFR) movies

Jesse Wellens’ camera RX100 IV is also capable of capturing super-slow motion movies at up to 40 times slower than real time.

It provides the option of choosing from 240fps, 480fps, or 960fps. 

Fast Anti-Distortion Shutter

Owing to the increased sensor readout, the shutter speed of up to 1/32000 seconds decreases the distortion caused by the phenomenon of rolling shutter.

The faster Anti-Distortion Shutter system brings the ability of capturing shots of subjects that are moving swiftly, without their shapes being altered.

The faster shutter speed also enables shooting stills with defocused backgrounds as you use large aperture settings. 

Intelligent Auto Focus (AF)

The Exmor Sensor in RX100 IV and Sony’s propriety algorithm also brings fast intelligent Autofocus.

This means you can capture important moments and moving subjects better focused. 

Easy connectivity 

The camera is also equipped with Wi-Fi and NFC options for easy connectivity to smartphones and compatible devices.

This enables controlling the camera, previewing and framing using your mobile phone, and triggering the movie button or shutter.

You can also transfer photos or movies to your device with these facilities. 

Clear Electronic ViewFinder 

The Sony RX100 IV also has an electronic ViewFinder that enables viewing every scene in great detail with the bright and retractable XGA OLED Tru-Finer EVF.

With 2,359k-dots, the viewfinder helps in accurately framing the image, observe the effects, focus, and see the results. 

Xtra Fine rotating LCD

The 3-inch Xtra-Fine LCD that rotates in various angles makes it easy to take selfies the way you like it.

It also provides more freedom in getting creative shots at different angles by swinging up around 180 degrees and down by about 45 degrees. 

So, these were the key features of the point-and-shoot camera Sony RX100 IV that Jesse Wellens uses.

With fast Anti-Distortion shutter, 20.1MP Exmor RS sensor that brings enhanced shooting capabilities, 4K clip video recording, etc.

Sony RX100 IV has all the right ingredients to get it for your video and photography needs. 

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