What Camera Does Shane Dawson Use?

Shane Dawson is currently one of the most powerful influencers and content creators on YouTube, with more than 23 million subscribers.

While he is also an actor, writer, director, comedian, and musician, he is widely famous for his YouTube presence.

Dawson was 19 years old when he started making videos and rose to fame because of his sometimes hilarious and sometimes controversial characters series.

If you are a fan of Shane Dawson, and are wondering about what camera he uses for his videos, you have landed at the right page. In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about Shane Dawson’s camera. 

So, what camera does Shane Dawson use? Shane Dawson’s latest camera of choice is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. This is the camera that he uses for recording most of his videos for his YouTube channel, and it is no doubt, a great choice for vlogging and video recording. 

Like many other vloggers and photographers, Shane Dawson’s choice is also a Canon camera owing to their good reputation and reliability. There are numerous features that make the Canon EOS 5D camera an amazing gear for video recording. Let’s explore these features in more detail. 

Key features of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

Canon is a renowned camera brand, with a wide range of remarkable cameras. Amongst those cameras that are really popular is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The camera is designed perfectly for capturing awesome photos and recording clear and crisp videos, which is why it is chosen by many famous professional YouTubers and photographers, including Shane Dawson. 

The Canon EOS 5D has a number of features that enable it to take perfect shots for all your photography and video making needs, which include:

High Resolution

Shane Dawson’s camera Canon EOS 5D comes with 22MP full HD CMOS sensor. This means what you get are high contrast, crisp and clear images, which makes it a great choice. The 22 megapixel resolution is higher than a lot of average cameras, and therefore, you get professional-looking photos from this camera. 

Brilliant recording capabilities 

Apart from the ability of capturing crisp and clear images, the camera is also capable of capturing videos in glorious HD. YouTube professionals look for HD videos at a steady fps and this is what Canon EOS 5D offers. The camera records 1080p video quality at 60 fps rate.

Manual controls are also available even during the shooting mode so that extra adjustments can be made if needed. The camera also offers continuous shooting which enables capturing videos and photos continuously at a steady 6 fps rate, which is a feature that many YouTubers find beneficial. 

Quick Autofocus 

Focus is an important factor to consider when looking for a camera and when recording videos or capturing photos. The measurement of focus is in points, such that the higher the points, the better the focus of the camera.

The Canon EOS 5D camera has a 61 point autofocus (AF) system, which means you get focused and clear images and video quality. The super-fast autofocus system makes it easier for YouTubers, such as Shane Dawson, to focus on various targets. 

Super-Fast Processor

A major advantage of Canon EOS 5D is that it has a really fast processor, Digic 5+ processor. The newly released processor by Canon is around 17 times faster than its predecessor, which makes it a remarkable update. 

Low shutter and mirror sounds 

Apart from an amazing focus, brilliant recording capabilities, and high resolution, another advantage and important feature of Canon EOS 5D is that when shooting at high speeds, the shutter noise is reduced as compared to some other cameras. This feature makes it perfect for shooting in noise-sensitive situations. 

Dual SD and CF Card Slots

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera has CF and dual SD card slots. The two slots enable backing up of all the images and recordings as you go. This brings down the chance of losing any photos or recordings if something wrong happens with the camera. 

Compact Design

The design of the camera is compact, which means it can easily be taken anywhere for making travel vlogs or recording hiking adventures. The large flip-screen of 3.2 inches enables adjustment of settings easily for selfie videos that many times YouTubers have to make. 

How much does Shane Dawson’s Camera Canon EOS 5D cost?

Canon EOS 5D is a high-end, professional camera. From Shane Dawson’s short videos, it can be seen that the quality is superb, and such a quality does not come at a cheaper rate.

The price mentioned on Amazon for this camera for body only is currently $2,779.99. Apart from this, you may be required to buy lenses according to your needs, which makes it a high budget camera. 

The price is a bit higher for newbies or beginners, but it was developed to meet the needs of advanced amateurs seeking a high performance DSLR. If you are a professional, such a camera will definitely be your need to lift your vlogging, video or photography business.

Despite the high price, the camera is really worth the money with some nice attractive features. Anyone seeking a professional camera that is reliable as well as versatile, can definitely buy it and it won’t disappoint them in terms of results. 

Is Canon a good choice as a Camera brand?

Canon is one of the leading camera brands worldwide, known well for their world-class cameras. Their camera range is wide and they come up with innovative upgrades from time to time, keeping in consideration the changing needs and demands of its users.

Their cameras may be a little on the expensive side, they are highly professional and provide the best quality. Apart from cameras, Canon is also a manufacturer of various camera accessories and lenses that are compatible with Canon cameras. 

In short, Canon is a reliable brand for cameras and other accessories. They also offer fair policies of warranty for all their products, which is another favorable point. No doubt, it has become one of the most sought after camera brands amongst world renowned photographers, YouTubers, and videographers.  

Are there any other Canon alternatives to the Canon EOS 5D?

If you are not satisfied with the price or features of the camera that Shane Dawson uses, there are also some other options available in the market. Some of them are as follows:

Canon EOS 80D

Another Canon camera that is used by many other influencers and YouTubers for their vlogs and videos is Canon EOS 80D. It is another professional high-end camera with 24 mega pixel CMOS sensor for capturing clear images.

With a touchscreen interface, better dynamic range, 1080/60p video capture, optical image stabilization, and 7 fps continuous shooting with Auto Focus (AF), the camera has all the right ingredients to produce a professional quality video or still image.

Canon G7X Mark II

For someone who is interested more in video making than photography, Canon G7X Mark II is a wonderful PowerShot Digital camera to have. While Canon EOS 5D is a good camera overall, the G7X is primarily designed for recording videos and making YouTube videos.

The camera is considerably cheaper than EOS 5D and is a good choice if you are looking for a good low budget camera. 

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

The Canon 1D Mark IV is another nice camera for video recording and photography. With 16.1 MP APS-H CMOS sensor and 45-point AF sensor, 1D Mark IV makes a decent camera for those looking out for a lower-budget camera with good specifications. 

So, these were a few cameras that are popularly used, which you can choose from. While Canon EOS 5D Mark III is approved and used by Shane Dawson, most of these are also influencers approved. 

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