What Camera Does Vagabrothers Use?

Many of you must have come across the travel show by Vagabrothers run by two brothers Marko and Alex. They travel around the globe exploring the world, and different cultures and culinary and take us along in their brilliantly shot videos.

Their travel vlogs, travel tips, and in-depth destination guides have been really inspiring, and hence, they have around 992K subscribers on their YouTube Channel.

While they provide information about various places they have traveled to, they also share about the cameras they use to beautifully capture those breathtaking and mesmerizing locations. 

So, what camera does Vagabrother use? In one of their videos that they uploaded a couple of years back, Marko and Alex shared their entire range of cameras and gear that they use when making travel vlogs. Amongst them were Sony a7R II full-frame mirrorless interchangeable, Sony RX100 V, Sony a9, Sony a7S II, and Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II Digital camera. They also shared that when they began this channel and travel series, they used Canon EOS Rebel T5 and T6i DSLR. 

Like many travel vloggers and landscape photographers, the Vagabrothers also have a nice collection of cameras and gears. The two-camera brands Marko and Alex rely on are Canon and Sony, both of which are regarded as reliable and reputable brands.

There are numerous incredible features that make Vagabrothers’ cameras some of the best choices available in the market. Let’s explore the array of features of two of their cameras, Sony a7R II and Sony RX100 V, that they recommend and use. 

Key Features of Sony a7R II 

A camera by Sony, a world-renowned camera brand, a7R II has all the features needed to make it an amazing camera. The 42 megapixel full frame mirrorless camera with 5-axis image stabilization is a significant step forward than its predecessors. This is because of some of the advanced features it has been given, which include:

Intelligent phase-detection autofocus capabilities

Sony a7R II’s phase-detection autofocus capabilities are one of its outstanding features. One of the major reasons for selecting this camera is the manner in which it quickly and effectively focuses with its own lenses as well as with the lenses designed for other systems.

Its 399 points AF cover 45% of the total image area, while the back-illuminated sensor accelerates the data readout to raise the AF speed by 40%. 

Remarkable image sensor

The camera also sports a 35mm full-frame image sensor with a back-illuminated structure. This 42.4 megapixel CMOS sensor boosts the efficiency of light collection and outputs data that is around 3.5 times faster. The sensor is designed to minimize noise so that fine details of each picture are revealed. 

Fast and smart processing 

The BIONZ X image processor used in Sony a7R II is another feature that makes it stand out. The image processing engine is efficient and has the ability of finely tuning the image sensor’s vast 42.4 megapixel data for more clear, natural, and low-noise image quality. 

Clear and vibrant image quality

Since Vagabrothers’ recommended camera Sony a7R II is an outstanding 42.4 megapixel camera, the image quality is nothing but clear and vibrant. The image sensor enables exploring the world in remarkable detail, while there is no filter that hinders the high resolution.

For reducing image blur, Sony adds reduced vibration shutter and Silent Shooting mode for eliminating camera shake caused by shutter movement. This means that the output is a clear and crisp photo from every perspective. 

5-axis image stabilization 

For optimizing the capability of a7R II’s outstanding high-resolution, particularly when shooting something in motion or something that has an unpredictable action, the camera is provided with a 5-axis image stabilization system. This enables zooming in, shooting close-ups, and capturing night scenes with minimal blur because of camera shake.

4K video quality

For shooting videos and recording action, high video quality is sought. The a7R II is optimized for recording 4K videos. Videos can be shot by selecting the full-frame mode or Super 35mm format when shooting 4K resolution or full HD. In both the ways, the results are brilliant. 

How much does Vagabrother’s Camera Sony a7R II cost?

The Sony a7R II is a professional enthusiast-level camera with an array of innovative features. All these features cost around $1800 currently, according to Amazon.

Given all the strengths, smartness, and reliability, the camera is a good one to have as your travel as well as professional camera. For vloggers and landscape photographers too, the camera has all the professional level options that they look out for. 

Key Features of Sony RX100 V

Sony a7R II Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, Body Only (Black) (ILCE7RM2/B), Base, Base

One of the cameras that Vagabrothers recommend strongly for travel vlogging is the Sony RX100 V. They recommend this 20MP point-and-shoot digital camera not just for its compact size but also for the wide array of amazing features that it has to offer.

The camera has an incredible amount of technology in a size that is easily pocketable. Let’s explore them further:

Superfast Autofocus speed

A feature that distinguished RX100 V from many other compact cameras is its superfast 0.05 sec autofocus speed. Such an autofocus speed is the result of a cutting-edge AF system.

The wide 315 AF point coverage enables keeping the action in focus as it covers 65% of the image sensor area. This provides consistent AF and tracking, even of objects that are small or fast-moving.

The fast hybrid autofocus system combined with high-speed phase detection AF with accurate contrast-detection AF helps the camera in locking onto and capturing moving subjects in just 0.05 seconds. 

Intelligent Viewfinder 

Like its predecessors, the Vagabrothers recommended camera Sony RX100 V also has a retractable OLED electronic viewfinder.

The 180-degree tiltable LCD screen with a multi-function control ring and custom buttons enables more versatile control. With such a viewfinder, vloggers can enjoy fast-tracking without any worries. 

Continuous Shooting with precision 

The Sony RX100 V also has the ability of shooting continuously at up to 24 frames per second with AF/AE tracking precision. It allows you to capture 20.1 MP images continuously for up to 233 shots. In addition, it makes it easier to follow moving subjects with its reduced blackout.

Also, when you deactivate sound or switch to electronic shutter when in continuous shooting mode, you can easily capture close ups of pets or other such subject silently. 

1.0-type image sensor 

The RX100 series features the famous 1.0-type image sensor for capturing movies and stills in greater detail. The 20.1 megapixel Exmor RS CMOS image sensor is accompanied by an advanced high-speed BIONZ image processing engine and the front-end LSI that supports quick processing of images. 

Brilliant video quality 

The camera has an amazing video quality allowing 4K video capture with well-controlled rolling shutter. The camera is capable of shooting 4K movie with direct pixel readout, no pixel binning and fast hybrid AF.

The footage is detailed and impressive and captures sharp images when shooting 4K movies. This makes it one of the best cameras for vlogging. The camera also enables making of super slow-motion videos with up to 960 fps. 

How much does Sony RX100 V cost?

For all these incredible wide range of features that it offers, the Sony RX100 V costs $829, which makes it a really affordable choice. The camera is not just amongst the top recommendations by Marko and Alex, but it is also used and recommended by many other influencers and Youtubers.

Given that it is a model by a well-renowned, reliable, and reputable camera brand, it inherits the research and years of experience of the manufacturers.

The Sony RX100 V makes into a great camera because of its compact size and intelligent features. It has the potential to be a camera that an enthusiast only needs since the impressive technology it carries gives it an edge over many other cameras. 

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